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New LAUSD Superintendent: Austin Beutner

Guadalupe Rosas, Staff Writer

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At the news of Michelle King, LAUSD last permanent superintendent, leaving her position due to being diagnosed with cancer, the Board of Education settled in the search for a replacement. Within the decisions of the board, they include a superintendent who fulfills the pathway of success for students and their communities.

The Board of Education set forth certain criteria in which the new superintendent would meet. The funding among the district is a major issue that must be addressed. LAUSD holds to be a large local government agency with 7.5 billion dollars in operating budget.

On August 10, 2018, the new superintendent, Austin Beutner, released his vision for L.A Unified School District. He included his approach to resolve the issues in the district by building upon simplicity and focus rather than introducing new programs. His plans involve engaging communities to supply each student with great education and provide resources focused on students rather than on bureaucracy.

However, Beutner’s statements do not display support for public schools. Beutner has claimed faults in schools and educators within his report, “Hard Choices”. He stated how educators should work longer and not get any extra pay.

Beutner continues on how the district provides more than enough resources and they should be cut off even as California places at 43 out of 50 within educational spendings.

Beutner mentioned on removing special ed services and reduce ratio of students to teachers. As well as not reducing class sizes that will help improve the results of students and teachers.

Catherine Macias, a GAIMS senior student, shared her views on class sizes. “It’s not fair for the teachers [nor] for us…Everyone has a right for an education,” Macias said.

Viewing the actions behind Superintendent Austin Beutner, it is clear he handles his position to support privatization of schools and investment bankers. He does not show any motive or initiative to improve the system in matters of raising educators’ wages, limiting class sizes, fully funding schools, and adding more staff on campuses.

The district is not upholding to having a superintendent who will represent the schools, educators, and students as a guide. The schools depend on receiving assurance from the district that is failing to do so.

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New LAUSD Superintendent: Austin Beutner