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Cleveland Installs New Security Cameras

Andrew Villegas, The Backpage Editor

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The Land has gotten security cameras and they are watching you!  Have you noticed, because if not, then they are probably doing their job?  Or are they not?

Security in schools is highly crucial to students feeling safe. So, I took it out into the hallways and asked students how they feel about the security cameras.  

Taylor, a senior in CORE stated, I feel like they won’t do anything but I think they will they do good in when something happens.  

Assistant Principal Damian Goodman, states that he thinks the cameras will be good at keeping the students safe as opposed to catching students doing something..

Mr. Goodman also mentioned that the cameras are not for the students because they surveil them self. If there is a fight, someone will record it and Mr. Goodman will see it, regardless if there are cameras.  

Therefore the cameras main purpose will be to protect students from intruders or other harm.  Mr. Goodman also mentioned that if there was ever a school shooter, God forbid, Mr. Goodman would be able to work with the officers.

With the cameras now up and working, he will be able to inform officers on where the intruder is located.  That is one way that cameras can come in handy.

While some people may not like the cameras because it may give off the perception that Cleveland is a certain school but it is for the safety of the school and the students.  

The cameras might even bring value to the school.  Indicating that we have valuable things on the campus and the most valuable thing in a school are the students.

As we know, the school is going under construction and there sadly has been a break-in.

Two years ago, the Cleveland football coach’s office was broken into and nearly $7,000 raised by the team was stolen. But with the new cameras, the staff will hopefully be able to prevent a break-in or be able to catch whoever stole anything. The cameras also provide safety for the custodians who work after hours.

And when it comes to the exterior of the school, cameras will offer an eye on Vanalden Ave., just in case if there is a car accident or any type of action.  People will be able to ask to see footage and help resolve the case.

These are The Land’s new cameras.  This is why they are here and why they are in place.

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Cleveland Installs New Security Cameras