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The Scoop on SAMEAN Voices

Anika Shah, Staff Writer

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SAMEAN Voices Club, meant to create a community and a safe space for people that identify as Samean or allies, recently reopened again this year!

The goal of this club is to make a safe space for talking about experiences, current events, and getting to know one another.

SAMEAN stands for South Asian, Middle Eastern, Arab, and North African. Anyone that identifies as Samean or an ally is welcome to the club.

According to Helia Zahedi, a 12th grader in CORE and the President of the club, “an ally is anyone willing to listen to other people’s stories and want to be part of the conversation and create a better society that supports Sameans.”

During this year with the new club members who are allies or of the SAMEAN group, they have done the step-in step-out where they, “asked a certain question and people who related to the question would step in,” said Amandeep Kaur, a 12th grader in CORE and Vice President of the club.

It is a chance for allies to understand the struggles and good attributes of Samean life and gives people a chance to speak about their experiences without sharing specific details.

Another activity that they have done is where they, “gave out a few colors of post-its based off grade,” according to Alina Razi, a 10th grader in CORE and Secretary of the club. She said that members of the club had to find a person with a different colored post-it and share one thing about themselves as well as what they identify as ethnically. It served as a chance for everyone to get to know each other.

Some other activities that they are planning to do in the future are a Homecoming float and potlucks. Additionally, they want to, “continue building a diverse space for everyone to speak their voice,” said Zahedi.

In addition, Razi said a few of her favorite attributes of the club are it is an open space for people to talk about similar experiences and involves many types of people. Another good attribute of the club is that it is for culture and as well as for community because people are able to see different worldviews by sharing their experiences.

Zahedi said, “[This club is] an opportunity to build a safe space for everyone to voice their experiences and struggles and that’s why we’re called SAMEAN Voices.”

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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