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C Hall Getting Knocked Down

Brandon Gutierrez, Staff Writer

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With the renovations happening around Grover Cleveland High School, buildings will start to get knocked down. One of the first buildings to get knocked down will be C Hall.

A new science department building will be built to replace C hall.

The teachers in C Hall will move to the bungalow classrooms located in behind the gym,  and classes will start to take place in the bungalows in the Spring Semester 2019.

There is excitement for a new science building that will eventually come.

“It’s going to be a pain and a challenge to move, but overall it is going to be for a good cause. I’m excited for a new science building,” said biology teacher Annette Curi-Morton.

Packing up and moving to a new classroom will be difficult for the teachers. Especially in a science building due to the equipment that will have to be safely packed and moved.

Although it will be challenging, science teacher Jeremy Smith is willing to do it for a good of the school. “It is a big hassle, but it is for the good of the school. You have to go with the flow.”  

Besides having to pack up and move, there is another concern that pops up. The staff does not know how large or small the classrooms in the temporary buildings will be.

Sean Pitchford, a teacher at Cleveland,  expressed his concern with the issue of the unknown space. “We have to pack everything including everything on the walls. I’m worried about the space in the classroom, and if there will be enough whiteboards and desk.”

C Hall is the first of many buildings that will be torn down as the large renovation continues.

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C Hall Getting Knocked Down