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Stress in Students

Warren Aguiling, Staff Writer

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How do students deal with stress? It’s an enigma. Students are supposed to learn in an environment where stress is induced.

According to the APA, or American Psychological Association, present-day high school students have the same level of stress as psychiatric patients in the 1950s. The competition of the school system doesn’t allow students to have the freedom they once had. Schools are getting more and more selective each year, where one needs an insane GPA and extracurriculurs to just get in.

There are many ways which students try to battle these insane amounts of stress, some are effective and others aren’t.

Procrastination is one of the most popular methods, which, according to Oxford Learning, in turn lowers the quality of work and ends up adding more stress in the long run.

Other methods such as using catharsis in order to fuel a person’s creative side. Even simple things such as exercise and listening to music can be stress relievers, and end up making an individual feel much better, according to Harvard’s Med School.

Some people have no output for stress at all. That’s why schools are starting to action. The stress of entering a top-tier university and the exponential amount of work, schools are starting to give more opportunities and chances for students to alleviate these insane amounts of stress.

Universities offer animal therapy during finals week, so that students’ can take their mind off of finals and take some of this pressure off. They also offer many fun activities to help take some steam off of the students, such as concerts and other social gatherings.

The most stressed social groups are between teenagers and a person in their early 30s, as these are the years where education is being pushed the most.

From high school to college, everyone has ways with dealing with a massive workload. We adapt and learn on how to cope all in the hopes of living a better life.

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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Stress in Students