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#ExpressiveAsians Club

Shehreen Karim, Opinions Editor

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New to Cleveland High School, #ExpressiveAsians is a club about how diverse the term “Asian” is, and it is not just for East Asians.

Within this club they also discuss the struggles that Asians go through living in White America. They also watch documentaries that highlight Asian actors who are often not in mainstream media. Which is why Expressive Asians will be showing documentaries or movies that highlight forgotten Asian actors.  Expressive Asians also analyzes the effects of media and how it creates stereotypical images for Asians and how the racism that Asians face are overlooked or forgotten.

Expressive Asians will so be having joint meetings with clubs such as Samean Voices, MECA, and BSU and other clubs so demonstrate the similar and contrasting racial experiences students face in America.

Anastashia Maharni , one of the board members in Expressive Asians, wanted to be part of the club because “ I wanted to let students know that they should be proud of where they come from and it takes a while but there’s nothing more empowering than that”

Kaitlyn Mccann, another board member in Expressive Asians, stated that” As a biracial Asian,I struggled to find my identity in this world,but through his club,I’ve been able to learns and embrace what it means to be Asian and I hope I can do this for others”.


The club came to be when a famous Hollywood director said in an interview that he doesn’t cast Asians because “they aren’t expressive enough.”

This led to the “#expressiveAsians” being tweeted on Twitter by other Asians with photos of them being expressive. Then one year ago #ExpressiveAsians came to the Land.

This club highlights how diverse the term “Asian” is and this is represented by the board members. The board members represent different parts of Asia that are often forgotten such as the Philippines, Indonesia,and Bangladesh.

Not only does Expressive Asians discuss the struggles that Asian community goes through but also this club empowers Asian students to embrace their culture. Anyone is welcome to join and #ExpressiveAsians is  on Wednesdays at lunch at E7!

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