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Strike Necessary for Our Future

Alexandra Espinoza, Guest Writer

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Since early last semester, news of the teacher strike had spread quickly throughout schools and among peers. Originally, it had seemed that the strike would occur sometime in October; however, it was soon pushed back a couple of months. Today, we know that the strike is set to happen Monday, January 14, 2019.

I believe that teachers should strike because they are part of one of the most underappreciated class of workers. LAUSD clearly doesn’t understand how their lack of funding and overcrowded classes do nothing to help the future leaders of America, and teachers are the ones that are finally fighting back.

Personally, I don’t have many plans for the strike besides staying home. I am well aware that the district loses money for every student that is absent, and if not showing up is the only way for them to realize how they need to make a change, then I would gladly do it over and over again.

I strongly believe that conditions in LAUSD warrant a strike and I speak from personal experience. The majority of my classes currently have over 40 students and some of them keep getting bigger. Because of all the students, I feel disconnected from the teacher and find it extremely difficult to ask for help when there are so many others that need it too.

I watch as teachers I once knew to love their jobs slowly begin to hate it as time goes on. I’ve had teachers publicly complain about the retirement age and how it seems too far away. Others have to get second and even third jobs to be able to afford a basic apartment in L.A.

Meanwhile, friends in charter schools constantly tell me how it’s great to have small classes and how often their schools can have fun activities, while I have to help my school fundraise for new sports equipment.

The truth of the matter is that LAUSD is completely fine with letting public schools, teachers, and students suffer as long as they can get money off of the charter schools. They are willing to let the majority of students receive a below average education so long as they have a few prize schools. Then, they still claim to not have enough money to raise teacher salaries or provide more funding.

The district isn’t fooling anyone. We know they sit on an approximately $1.8 billion reserve.

This strike is needed, both for our current education system and the future. If we don’t, how much is LAUSD willing to let their children suffer before taking action?


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Strike Necessary for Our Future